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Author: Marlene Smits Date: Fri, Feb 18 2005 2045 Views
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Address: 50 Solunska Street, Telephone: 953 32 94

There is a new cute little restaurant in town. It's light and fresh and its name is Confetti. Light wooden design benches, glass tables, rice paper lamps and earth-tones determine the atmosphere in Confetti. It doesn't look too polished and there is a question of excess clutter. The windows reach from ceiling to floor, which saves this little restaurant from a claustrophobic feel. All in all I would say that Confetti looks cute and friendly. But of course I was there for the food as well, and not as an interior design critic.
So I sat down with my company of three friends and we had a look at the menu. I must say that they obviously took good care in designing and printing them properly. I can't say that much for the English menu though, because it simply wasn't finished yet.
Meanwhile I had to make do with a somewhat sad looking piece of paper that rolled out of a copy machine some time ago. But I looked on the bright side; at least there was an English menu.
The menu looked interesting because although the selection was not extreme in any, there were nice quirky edges to it, like turkey filled with goose liver, chicken with kiwi or apple-spinach soup. Two of my friends weren't very hungry, so they opted for the Bruscetti with tomatoes and mozzarella (3.50 leva). My partner in crime, who was willing to go a little further than pieces of Italian toast with topping, ordered a cream soup made of forest mushrooms (2.00 leva) and a salad of carrots, beetroots and kohlrabi (2.00 leva). Out of pure adventurous spirit I ordered the apple-spinach soup (2.00 leva) and a salad called Orange, which contained carrots and apple with an orange dressing (3.00 leva). I ordered some orange juice as well to make my orange night complete. Somehow the waitress made a mistake and gave me grapefruit. That's bitter if you don't expect it. But upon mentioning this, she made no problem at all about it and swapped the drinks. In fact, she left it on the table in case someone else wanted grapefruit. But nobody did.
My soup arrived. It was strange. First I thought it needed salt. But after reaching for the salt for a fifth time, I figured it wasn't the salt. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was not a case of nice strange. In any case, the owner of the restaurant came up to me and asked me if something was wrong. `Don't you like it?', he asked friendly. "No, to be perfectly honest I don't", I replied. He offered to swap my soup for another, which was a vegetable cream soup. It came with croutons and it was very nice. I also had a taste of the mushroom soup, which was also very nice. My not so hungry friends both decided to go for another round of Bruscetti, cause they were simply very tasty. After having mastered the soup, I was desperate for my cigarettes. Couldn't find any in my bag. I tend to lose things that should be in my bag, but that's another story.
Upon asking where I could buy cigarettes the owner of the place told me he would get some for me. He had to go out and buy some himself anyway. Here I should note that the staff were not up to date with the rules of waiting, but all of them were kind and helpful. And that also counts for something in my book. My salad was a big hit; it was fresh, juicy, and nice combination of tastes. So all in all, Confetti is a nice bright place, but definitely not fashionable, trendy or posh as such, with quite good food and friendly staff. We paid our total bill 37.70 leva and left, trying to avoid the slippery patches of ice along Solunska in order to get to Vitosha Boulevard to hail a cab.

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