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`Simple Words' at the Process Space Festival Balchik

Author: Lucy Cooper Date: Mon, Jun 27 2005 711 Views
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MIWA Kojima and Noriko Tanaka of `Courier' art group invited visitors to the festival to take part in their Happy Hour project. People spelt out their favourite words using biscuits in the shape of Bulgarian letters and were photographed with their `happy word', before being allowed to munch it. The photographs are on display as part of the exhibition, which will continue for two weeks in "The Galleria" in Balchik before moving to Sofia and Rousse later in the year. Artists from Bulgaria, such as Sasho Stoitzov, show their work alongside artists from Brazil, the US, Switzerland, Guetemala, Australia, Austria and The Netherlands in this, the fourteenth year of the festival.
Exhibits include visual art installations such as Milena Stomboliyska's light and sound box showing performances by Brazilian music producer Jorge Batista; vivid blue and green canvases by Spanish painter Iraida Cano and photographs of Austrian performance artist Cynthia Schwertsik's living statues study in which the artist, wrapped in gold material in various locations `brings the statue to life'.
The festival aims to `stimulate the innovations and research in contemporary arts and to open the established genre borders towards new ways of creative self-expression, without any limitations.'

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