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Author: Spasena Baramova Date: Tue, Nov 06 2007 6 Comments, 8214 Views
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The social care home for physically and mentally disabled children in the village of Mogilino would be closed, Standart daily reported. This became clear on November 5 after a visit by Labour and Social Policy Minister Emilia Maslarova, European Integration Minister Gergana Grancharova and Justice Minister Miglena Tacheva to the home.

The home in Mogilino became infamous after the BBC documentary Bulgaria's Abandoned Children aired, portraying the living conditions there.

The reason to close the home was not the bad conditions, but the children's need to receive specialised help, minister Maslarova said. According to her the personnel took good care of the 65 physically and mentally disabled children.

Maslarova added that a day-care centre could be created in the Mogilino home building if any of the people working there or the people from the village decided to raise some of the children in their families. Since there was hardly any interest in adopting them, the Justice Ministry was considering facilitating foreign adoption procedures as well as the disabled children adoption procedure.

In the meantime the Agency for Social Support drew up a plan to accommodate the Mogilino children in alternative specialised homes and protected homes and to provide specialised care for them, a press release by the Council of ministers said. Out of 65 children 4 are already accommodated in specialised institutions in Brestnik and Ruse, 4 are being prepared to be transferred and 3 are sent to specialised kindergartens.

By November 10, 2007 each child should have its own expert profile. The parents of 21 of the children had already given their consent for adoption, Maslarova said.

Minister Grancharova said 10 per cent of the EU citizens were disabled and 51 per cent of Europeans thought efforts to socialise disabled people were not sufficient. She commented that the issue needed to be discussed in order for society to become involved.

Bulgaria's Abandoned Children will be screened on November 6 at the Red House Centre for culture and debate in Sofia. The screening will be followed by a debate on the institutional care for children with disabilities in Bulgaria, Bulgarian News Agency BTA reported.

  • Anonymous
    mohammed Rating:
    #6 01, 08, Fri, Nov 19 2010

    thaks BBC for documentary Bulgaria's it was very hard on me to see the children they were rocking and screaming,,. People are people, not garbage.i like to say to Minister of bulgaria and personal =do u like to see u children in this situation=
    if u are humains

  • Anonymous
    Courtney T Rating:
    #5 06, 46, Tue, Oct 12 2010

    I couldnt believe the treatment that these children got. It was so sad watching that video. And I couldnt believe that the Minister thought that the children were being treated ok there. It was nice to watch the second part of the documentary and see that some of the children were thriving like Vasky and Didi. When I watched this movie I started brainstorming options on how to help but i think that the best solution was to shut it down and Im glad that they did!

  • Anonymous
    52802 Rating:
    #4 15, 21, Sat, Jul 31 2010

    As the parent of 2 disabled children, it was very hard on me to see some of the children in there--- much like my own children, who I would never send to a home, they were rocking and screaming. People are people, not garbage. You don't shove them into a home. You care for your children while you can, make a plan for when you won't be able to one day if it should become necessary. I actually threw up when I watched this.

  • Anonymous
    1 Rating:
    #3 20, 07, Sat, Jul 24 2010

    Im emotional overwelmed!!!! How can humans even called themselves humans?? Do they think the were taking care of these children?? How hard can it be to show these children som affectiom while changing diapers, sing à song while they whore taking à bath!!? Talk to them cuddle them?!?? My heart breaks!!! I really hope that the children is in à more loving place right now!!! Xxx/ Linda

  • AnonymousNew ZealanderTue, May 25 2010

    This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

  • Anonymous
    Andrea Bradley Rating:
    #1 23, 44, Thu, Oct 15 2009

    I wrote when the Mogilino home was shown on the BBC in 2007. Thank the Lord it has closed. Why did it take so long? I work with disabled children and it breaks my heart that carers could behave in such a callous fashion to those children

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