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EU accepts Belgrade's conditions for EULEX

Author: Date: Fri, Nov 07 2008 3322 Views
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The European Union has accepted Belgrade's conditions for the deployment of the EULEX mission in Kosovo, said Pierre Mirel, director of the EU enlargement commission's Western Balkans division.

"The EU has accepted that the deployment of EULEX has to be approved by the United Nations Security Council, and that the mission has to be neutral and will not be related to the Ahtisaari plan," Mirel said, following his meeting with Serbia's vice-president Bozidar Djelic.

Mirel added that a compromise on EULEX must be reached so that all the residents of Kosovo will benefit from the mission.

After the meeting, Djelic told reports that talks on EULEX between Serbia and the EU are being orchestrated by the UN and that a final decision on the issue will be made in New York. He said he hopes that this topic will be debated during the next meeting of the Security Council on November 11.

In a recent interview with Balkan Insight, Serbia's Foreign Minister, Vuk Jeremic, reiterated that Belgrade would approve the EU's rule of law mission in Kosovo if it adopted a "neutral position regarding our province's status".

Belgrade did not flatly oppose the so-called reconfiguration of the international presence in Kosovo, but "EULEX has to have the UN Security Council's backing and it cannot implement the Ahtisaari plan." This was the plan drawn up by the UN's envoy to Kosovo, on the basis of which Kosovo declared independence.

Mirel said that the "conditions for Serbia joining the EU are very clear" in reference to Jeremic's statements regarding the issue.

"Serbia still has the same political priorities, like protecting its territorial integrity, and it will not recognize Kosovo's independence, although it will try to join the EU as soon as possible," Djelic told reporters.

Source: Balkan Insight

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