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Member of Parliament given suspended sentence for paedophilia

Author: Petar Kostadinov Date: Wed, Feb 18 2009 4 Comments, 1684 Views
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Independent MP Vladimir Kouzov was given a three-year suspended sentence for having had sexual contact with a minor, Bulgarian-language Dnevnik daily said on February 18 2009.

The sentence, handed down by the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC), is not subject to appeal. Kouzov was initially sentenced to spend three years behind bars for having sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy in Sofia in 2001.

Kouzov asked the SCC to review his sentence, claiming that there had been a number of procedural breaches.

The SCC found that there was no evidence that "the homosexual relations had had a negative effect on the physical and mental condition and on the sexual capability of the victim".

Kouzov's clean record, education and his social activity also were taken into account in the court's ruling. The court said that since the offence was committed, Kouzov had not committed any other crimes and so there was no reason to jail him.

If he commits an offence in the next five years he would be sent to jail to serve his three year sentence.

Kouzov was elected to Parliament in June 2005 for the ultra-nationalist Ataka party. Later it turned out that he had an investigation pending against him. In 2006 Kouzov was expelled from Ataka and his immunity as an MP from prosecution was removed.

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    • AnonymousXgktmdtsWed, Jun 24 2009

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

    • Anonymous
      Tony Rating:
      #4 11, 35, Thu, Feb 19 2009

      What a disgrace.

      Most of the outside world never get to see the true beauty of Bulgaria. What they do hear and read about is the foolishness that goes on at the higher levels of Bulgarian society.

      How is Bulgaria ever going to taken serious on the world stage when they cannot resolve a simple open and shut case like this.

      The man indulges in paedophilia, anywhere else in the developed world he goes to jail, he does not pass go and does not collect his 200 leva [...]

      Read the full comment but as the saying goes "T.I.B" (this is Bulgaria.

      It is a sad state of affairs.

    • Anonymous
      Smiley Rating:
      #3 10, 34, Thu, Feb 19 2009

      Why should MPs be immune from prosecution in any case. Are they not citizens of Bg like everyone else. Do the crime, do the time! Also, how come MPs manage to award themselves pay rises, but now cut the budgets of ministries, no pay rises for public sector staff etc. Obviously MPs are immune from the financial crisis as well. The rules and laws simply do not apply to MPs. What democracy?

    • Anonymous
      Smiley Rating:
      #2 10, 30, Thu, Feb 19 2009

      Another fine example of how the Bulgarian justice system just does not work!

    • Anonymous
      kenny Rating:
      #1 08, 54, Thu, Feb 19 2009

      Wow, is that all he gets? Time to bring in the sex tourist. Come to beautiful Bulgaria and have sex with children.

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