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Globul announces official introduction of iPhone in Bulgaria

Author: Rene Beekman Date: Fri, Mar 13 2009 2 Comments, 4756 Views
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Bulgarian mobile operator Globul announced it would start to offer Apple iPhone G3 packages from March 20 2009. As reported by The Sofia Echo, the launch had been rumoured in local media on March 11.

Until now, Bulgarian consumers have had to rely on unofficial channels to get an iPhone.

The lack of official support has always been blamed for relatively high prices for iPhones in Bulgaria. After Globul's introduction of the iPhone, Bulgarians will still pay more than other European countries for the handset.

Monthly subscription rates for Globul iPone packages will range from 15 to 25 leva, with the handheld starting at 820 leva for the 8GB model, to just under 1000 leva for the 16GB handheld with a 12 month contract. Packages include between 100 and 150 minutes of free calls, and calls are charged at 0.32 leva a minute.

T-Mobile, shareholder in Globul's parent company Cosmote, offers the same phone for less than 100 euro with a two-year contract in both Germany and The Netherlands.

"With 3G network coverage at more than 75 per cent of the population, well-developed distribution network and expert customer care, Globul will provide an incredible experience to all iPhone users in the country," Globul chief executive officer Haris Kotsibos said in a statement.

The iPhone 3G would be available as of March 20 at 61 Globul and Germanos stores across Bulgaria, the company said.

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      Slava Bothwell Rating:
      #1 03, 36, Sat, Mar 14 2009

      I'm sick of GloBul already!!! I'm tired of their lies for lower prices and yet, I still have problems!!! I have a contract with which I use 1000 free minutes for month and I use them to speak with USA...At the end of the month I pay terrible checks and it turns out that part of my minutes are gone without me really using them!Very often I don't receive information for any type of changes in the system, which costs me money again....I'm not surprised that again we will need to pay more for that iPhone than other countries...No wonder [...]

      Read the full comment if the month checks get even bigger...!!!

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