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Kosovo to hold municipal elections on November 15

Author: Clive Leviev-Sawyer Date: Wed, Jun 17 2009 2 Comments, 3275 Views
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Kosovo president Fatmir Sejdiu announced on June 16 2009 that elections for mayor and municipal councils in 30 local authorities would be held on November 15 this year.
He named the date after consulting constitutional authorities, government and opposition parties.
The municipalities in which elections will be held include five in which ethnic Serbs make up the majority. Sejdiu urged ethnic Serbs to participate, saying in an earlier interview with AFP that they were being held hostage by "an irrational policy on the part of Belgrade".
Serbia vehemently rejects Kosovo’s February 2008 unilateral declaration of independence and has won UN General Assembly backing to take the question of the legitimacy of Kosovo’s independence to the World Court for an opinion.
In a speech to the Kosovo assembly in Pristina on June 15 2009, Martti Ahtisaari, the former UN special envoy whose plan opened the way for Kosovo independence, urged ethnic Serbs in Kosovo to use the advantages offered to them by his plan, by accepting the partnership offered to them by the Kosovo leadership.
In a June 16 report, DPA said that there was "no sign" that Serbs would take part in the local elections.

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    • Anonymous
      Agron Forlani Rating:
      #2 03, 43, Wed, Oct 07 2009

      Jason shut up
      From where you have these info-from your mama
      Long live ALBANIANS

    • Anonymous
      Jason Rating:
      #1 06, 52, Wed, Jun 24 2009

      Serbs have been totally exterminated by the albanians in this southern Serbian Province.! Its time to work on their return so they can vote on their own decisions in this troubled province.
      The call by the Albanian representatives 'urging' Serbs (what Serbs when you haven't even provided basic human rights for their return ) to 'vote' - is simply a farce!
      Insult to western intelligence!!

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