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Political programmes: The Blue Coalition

Author: The Sofia Echo staff and Date: Fri, Jun 26 2009 2414 Views
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Bringing down Budget spending below 38 per cent of GDP by bringing down the VAT rate and VAT refund and charging interest on taxes the National Revenue Agency has failed to refund in time. No VAT on families’ first home mortgages.

Sticking to EU’s lowest excise duties levels. Lower social security burden. Ten per cent income tax for sole proprietors.

Review of a number of taxes and fees in view of the impact of the economic crisis impact. Review and postponing some of the large-scale energy projects for after the crisis is over.

Bringing down public administration expenses, closing down institutions and combining administrative bodies where needed.

Focusing public investments on road  infrastructure, municipal infrastructure, environment and energy efficiency.

Bringing down the mandatory reserves banks have to keep at the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) to six per cent while BNB will pay interest on them.

Making starting business easier by removing all of the current conditions for it, except for those stipulated in EU directives.

Integration of Bulgarian Stock Exchange with some of the leading EU stock exchanges.

State guarantees for pension fund savings equal to those of bank deposits. Joining ERM-2 by 2013. Maintaining the currency board at the current currency level of the lev.
Taxpayers’ money will not be used as a substitute for EU funds.

Construction of Lyulin highway by 2010, of Trakiya highway by 2011, Danube Bridge 2 by 2011.

New energy strategy that will lead to liberalisation of the market and attracting of private capital that will have priority over public financing. Diversification of energy resources and anti-monopoly policy. Revision and monitoring of the Belene nuclear power plant, Bourgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline and South Stream gas pipeline projects.

Setting a priority on the construction of Nabuco natural gas pipeline. Closing down the Bulgarian Energy Holding.

Optimisation of high school and university networks. Abolishing of the monopoly of the National Heath Insurance Fund. Introduction of voluntary health insurance.

New Penal Code and structural changes in the judiciary, Interior Ministry, the prosecution and the State Agency for National Security.

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