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Kosovo aims to join UN in five years – foreign minister

Author: Clive Leviev-Sawyer Date: Tue, Jul 21 2009 5 Comments, 4046 Views
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Kosovo foreign minister Skender Hyseni told local daily Koha Ditore in an interview that he is sure that Kosovo will be a member of the United Nations within five years.
Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in February 2008. Belgrade has won UN General Assembly backing for the move to be referred to the World Court for a non-binding opinion on its legality – a process, however, that is expected to take at least two years.
Kosovo deputy prime minister Hajredin Kuqi said that Kosovo joining the UN depended not only on the country itself but on international developments.
"We are expecting to be member of the UN as soon as possible, but many things depend upon the geopolitical situation outside Kosovo, in particular between the Security Council members and Russia’s approach," Kuqi said.
However, unless Kosovo was sure that it would be accepted as a member of the UN, it would not submit a formal application, he said.
Balkan Insight said on July 20 2009 that local newspaper Express had reported that the International Court of Justice had still not released the names of the countries which have submitted comments regarding the legitimacy of Kosovo’s independence, but the US, UK, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, Albania and perhaps the Netherlands were believed to be among those to show support for Kosovo.

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    • Anonymous
      Peggy Rating:
      #5 16, 12, Thu, Jul 23 2009

      Boris, I cannot see how the two are connected.
      Macedonia (FYROM), got Serbian OK to separate so Russia and China have no problem with it, but Kosovo does not have permission from Serbia which means that Russia and China will NEVER give their blessing.
      Please elaborate on how you think the two are connected.

    • Anonymous
      Boris Rating:
      #4 20, 59, Wed, Jul 22 2009

      Peggy - I suppose Kosovo will do it the same way as Macedonia got around the Russian and Chinese veto - the ultimate problem (as always) being the French.

    • Anonymous
      don camilo Rating:
      #3 11, 15, Wed, Jul 22 2009

      Well its simple, Serbia has already acknowledged Kosovo as a foreign country since they have accepted border control with Kosovo in their condition to join the EU. Basta!

    • Anonymous
      Nick Rating:
      #2 16, 33, Tue, Jul 21 2009

      Exactly keep dreaming.. Kosovo is Natoland fake state on Serbian soil.

    • Anonymous
      Peggy Rating:
      #1 15, 12, Tue, Jul 21 2009

      How is he going to get around Russian and Chinese veto in the UN?
      Once this question is answered then perhaps there is hope.

      It's one thing to make such a bold sstatement and another to be able to deliver it.
      Keep dreaming.

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