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Fewer than 50 hybrid vehicles sold in Bulgaria

Author: Date: Fri, Oct 30 2009 2981 Views
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About 50 units of Toyota Prius, the full hybrid electric mid-size car by the Japanese motor vehicle manufacturer, have been sold on the Bulgarian market so far, the manufacturer’s local dealership said on October 29 2009.

Bulgaria's Government was still not offering incentives for vehicles driven by two or more distinct power sources, the dealer told the Green Innovation Forum held by Dnevnik daily and Business&Ecology magazine in Sofia.

Many Western European countries have withdrawn incentives, mostly in the form of green tax rebates, that were intended to encourage the making of such cars.

European law says that EU-manufactured cars should, by 2020, produce no more than 95g of carbon dioxide emissions a kilometre.

Willy Tomboy, environmental officer of Toyota Motor Europe, said the company has curbed emissions to less than 140g/km and is now busy working towards the EU cap.

The corporation has also set out to limit its own production carbon footprint, claiming it has developed the most energy-efficient manufacturing process among European motor vehicle makers.

The company has slashed the energy per vehicle by 44 per cent since 2001, Tomboy said.


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