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Former radio host shot dead in Sofia

Author: Petar Kostadinov Date: Tue, Jan 05 2010 9 Comments, 4464 Views
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Former radio show host Bobbie Tsankov, 31, who claimed in recent television interviews to have inside information about Bulgaria's underworld, was shot dead in central Sofia on January 5 2010, media reports said.

According to Bulgarian-language Dnevnik daily, Tsankov died immediately after gunmen opened fire on him in Alexander Stamboliyski Boulevard at about 12.30pm next to a food chain restaurant.

Tsankov and two others were attacked by two men who opened fire and then escaped in the direction of Sveta Nedelya church near the Sheraton Hotel.

Tsankov's two companions were taken to hospital with slight injuries.

Tsankov has been a popular feature in Bulgaria's gossip columns in the yellow media over the past 10 years. As a radio host at a number of stations, he faced court actions because he allegedly had cheated people by fraudulently promising them advertising and other benefits.

Many people complained that he owed them money connected to sponsorship contracts, an allegation that he had always denied but spent sever days under arrest in 2003, 2004 and 2006.

Recently, he made television appearances claiming that he was close to many of Bulgaria's underworld bosses and knew a lot about their moves and internal quarrels. In one interview, he claimed he had had a meeting with Marko Milosevic, son of former Yugoslav ruler Slobodan Milosevic.

Tsankov claimed that prosecutors used his allegations as a basis for their investigations.

In 2003 a bomb exploded next to Tsankov's apartment in Sofia. After that, he employed bodyguards whom, he said, were members of the National Protection Service. This led to the resignation of the service then-head general Dimitar Vladimirov.

In November 2009, police said that Stefan Bonev, described in Bulgarian media reports as a drug boss, had been arrested after threatening Tsankov. At the time, Tsankov said that the threats were linked to his as-yet unpublished book about organised crime in Bulgaria.

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    • Anonymous
      Valeri Rating:
      #9 20, 10, Wed, Jan 06 2010

      get a hold of yourself.
      I suggest you lose this provincial narcissism and stop worrying about what others think of your country.
      BG is like any other place - a mixed bag. If some one doesn't get that, - that's not your problem....

    • Anonymous
      Dani Rating:
      #8 11, 41, Wed, Jan 06 2010

      How long is it going to take to change this menatlity. Why do we have to show to Europe and the world the most down side of our people.Bulgaria is being know for stupid politicians, sex babes , drugs en weapons. What can I do not understand is that the top or the crime groups in Bulgaria are 1 or 2 procent of the populatin. Is the rest only stock animals?

      People, think in which conditions are you bringing up the children, what do you learn them.
      I am Bulgarian, being ashamed of assiciated [...]

      Read the full comment with practices like this.
      Damn you all making this fame on us in the world.

    • Anonymous
      kerry Rating:
      #7 09, 41, Wed, Jan 06 2010

      For once Valeri I totally agree with u.. Although everyone would agree that there is an underworld in Bulgaria it is no worse than anywhere else around the world, far from it. As an ex Prison Officer and someone who has worked in the Security Industry here in the UK I know only too well. I do think tho that is time that the Government of Bulgaria address the quality of training of the Police/Intelligence Services.

    • AnonymousValeriWed, Jan 06 2010

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

    • Anonymous
      Pete Rating:
      #5 23, 08, Tue, Jan 05 2010

      Lawless country Bulgaria reminds me Tombstone, Arizona in the last years of XIX century. Every month somebody killed in gangster style. This one down town Sofia next to the church, which was blown off in past by communist terrorists.

    • Anonymous
      mik Rating:
      #4 22, 55, Tue, Jan 05 2010

      R.I.P BOBI

    • Anonymous
      Mark C. Rating:
      #3 20, 00, Tue, Jan 05 2010

      I wonder if he was shot at the Happy Grill?

    • Anonymous
      annonymouse Rating:
      #2 19, 37, Tue, Jan 05 2010


    • Anonymous neutral
      #1 15, 59, Tue, Jan 05 2010

      erm, so he was slotted 150 feet from the presidency, and a 100 feet from the justice ministry, in the centre of Sofia which is packed by security.

      Monty Pythons, na na na na

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