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Environmentalists: Take your Christmas tree to the zoo

Author: Petar Kostadinov Date: Tue, Jan 05 2010 1 Comment, 2455 Views
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Natural Christmas trees, which many people consign to the rubbish bins in January, could feed animals in zoos around Bulgaria, private national bTV channel quoted environmentalists as saying on January 5 2010.

Hence, instead of disposing their trees near refuse bins, people should take them to the nearest zoo where animals can feed on them,  bTV said.

"The first three were well received by the animals, especially by the pair of Przewalski's Horses," Sevdalina Venkova, from the Centre for protection of nature and animals in the eastern Bulgarian town of Dobrich, told bTV.

"The two bisons also like to eat Christmas trees," she said. The local zoo, which takes care of 120 animals, does not have the resources to go around refuse bins and collect dumped Christmas trees, she said. Hence the zoo relies on people's own initiative.

A campaign to feed the animals in Dobrich zoo with Christmas trees started five years ago. Every January an average of 100 trees are delivered to the zoo. It takes the animals a week to deal with them, she said.

"Maybe this year the rate will decline because people did not buy as many trees because of the economic crisis," Venkova said

  • Anonymous
    maria jose Rating:
    #1 10, 27, Tue, Jan 19 2010

    good work! madame sevdalina venkova. our world--- mother earth, needs people like you! may our good Creator bless you and your work for Bulgaria... i will be praying for you... sister maria jose, OSB

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