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Dyankov says he was unaware that conversation with Purvanov was recorded

Author: Petar Kostadinov Date: Thu, Mar 11 2010 5 Comments, 2378 Views
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Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov was unaware that his March 5 2010 conversation with President Georgi Purvanov was being recorded by Purvanov's staff, Bulgaria Focus news agency quoted Dyankov as saying on March 11 2010.

On his way out of Parliament, where Dyankov had reported on the Government's policy to tackle the economic crisis, he was asked whether he knew that his meeting with Purvanov was recorded.

"No, I did not know," Focus quoted him as saying. Dyankov refused to comment further on the issue that has triggered an impeachment motion against Purvanov by ruling party GERB.

According to GERB, Purvanov had recorded the meeting illegally without informing Dyankov, in contravention of the constitution.

Purvanov had also published the transcript of the meeting online without informing Dyankov, GERB said. Vice President Angel Marin, however, said that Dyankov had met Purvanov in his public capacity as Minister of Finance. According to Marin, all meetings held at the Presidency were recorded and the conversation with Dyankov was no exception.

On March 12 2010, Purvanov will hold a special news conference on the issue. Purvanov's office has already described GERB's anger as "surprising".

Dyankov met Purvanov, the latter accompanied by two aides, at the President’s office on March 5 after a row erupted between Purvanov and the Finance Minister over remarks made by the latter on a March 1 television talk show.

After the March 5 meeting, Purvanov posted a transcript of the meeting on the presidential website. Borissov responded that he had been "stabbed in the back" by Purvanov.

Borissov said he had personally telephoned Purvanov to ask him to receive Dyankov. Borissov subsequently issued a challenge to Purvanov that they should both resign their offices, as Prime Minister and President, respectively, and fight an election.

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    • Anonymous
      sonia Rating:
      #5 18, 50, Fri, Mar 12 2010

      'Expat' doesn't necessarily mean that he/she is a native English speaker (re 'pidgin').

    • Anonymous
      Dr OH Rating:
      #4 10, 56, Fri, Mar 12 2010

      Expat got it backwards and in pidgin English to boot.
      Dyankov was ambushed. He has only himself to blame for going to a talk show led by two morons.

    • Anonymous
      Bulgarian Rating:
      #3 15, 08, Thu, Mar 11 2010

      By the way, if you are interested, you may read the whole conversion between Dyankov and Purvanov on sofiaecho, article titled "Exclusively in English: The full transcript......"


    • Anonymous
      Bulgarian Rating:
      #2 15, 06, Thu, Mar 11 2010

      Dear Expat:
      Dyankov was asked in a talkshow whether or not Purvanov owns many luxury properties abroad; Dyankov said that he does not know about such things and that this statement does not come from him. Then he was asked whether Purvanov is a "young billionaire". Dyankov answered "He is definitely not young"......That's what happened.

      In my opinion Purvanov's reaction was way over the top and now his actions are coming back like a boomerang. He wanted to demonstrate his political power but now he might have to pay the check...the boomerang might hit [...]

      Read the full comment the one who threw it. Looking at his track record in the last decade, Bulgaria definitely deserves a better President.

    • Anonymous
      Expat Rating:
      #1 14, 15, Thu, Mar 11 2010

      dear BGans

      please help an outside to understand. from outside perspective this so petty issue, what was said in TV, recorded or not, etc

      what is the background story? does GERB used this to get rid of Pruvanov?
      If this is not a prudent planned political move, I am really happy that BG has no other problems than what was said (not) said on TV shows and who record what....

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