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Influx of Romanian tourists expected in Bulgaria over Easter

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Thu, Mar 18 2010 12 Comments, 7117 Views
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Romanians are preparing to descend on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in force over the Easter holidays, reported.

According to the report, about 10 000 Romanians will head south across the Danube to Bulgaria and Greece.

"These are destinations which are close to Romania and very attractive price-wise. Additionally, both Bulgaria and Romania are orthodox countries," Taian Badulescu, spokesperson of the national association of Romania tourist agencies, was quoted as saying by Horemag.

Inexpensive holiday packages mean that the most attractive holiday offers for "price and quality" are in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian hotels are offering three-day all inclusive packages starting at 77 euro, increasing to 200 euro in five-star hotels, the report says.

"The Bulgarians surprised us once again this year, offering 20 per cent discounts because they want to fill their hotels to capacity," Badulescu said.

Bulgarian resorts are also offering discount and bonus packages for children.

It is expected that about 100 000 Romanians will choose to stay in their own domestic resorts, where discount packages knocking 20 per cent off 2009 prices are attracting holidaymakers.

In Bran, famous for the Dracula castle, a three-day all inclusive stay is offered for 51 euro, while in Bucovina, a region split between northern Romania and parts of Ukraine, there are offers for up to 300 euro.

  • Bulgaria expects more than 100 000 foreign tourists at Orthodox Christian Easter
  • Bulgarian Orthodox Christians to celebrate Palm Sunday on March 28
    • Anonymous neutral
      #12 19, 24, Mon, May 03 2010

      This was great news for Bulgaria and companies like HHB Holidays. The Romanians we hope will be happy in 2010 with the reception of the Bulgarian staff in hotels & tourist industries. The Romanians can help extend our business in May & September also help make the summer very busy for EVERYONE

    • Anonymous
      Steve Rating:
      #11 15, 59, Thu, Mar 25 2010

      Anyone, Romanian, Britt, etc. that would visit a Bulgarian beach is hard up to see some water. Don't bother with what is on the Black Sea coast. It is not worth the trip.

    • Anonymous
      kama Rating:
      #10 20, 41, Mon, Mar 22 2010

      are you joking about romanians visiting bulgarian mountains...Romania is 33% hills and 33% mountains.
      as for our beaches,they're not as cheap as Bulgaria's and maybe not even run as efficiently but they do the job(and besides,you guys don't have Liberty Parade :D).
      however our ports make more moneh than urs :P

    • Anonymous
      katya Rating:
      #9 23, 08, Thu, Mar 18 2010

      I've seen the crowded tiny beaches of the Romanian resort Mangalia and I am not surprised the Romanians prefer to go to Bulgaria. But why go to the beach for Easter???? They should visit our mountains at this time of year

    • Anonymous
      Cosmos Rating:
      #8 22, 15, Thu, Mar 18 2010

      I see Valeri is in a bad mood again nothing positive to say. But I do hope that all people have a nice holiday on the coast from whatever country they may come from.Bulgaria has some fine beaches and hotels if only the service was a little better.

    • Anonymous
      Valeri Rating:
      #7 21, 46, Thu, Mar 18 2010

      "Was not nearly the entire Black Sea coastline flooded a week ago?"

      Yes it was!
      Wow, I am impressed by the degree of involvement and interest on your part! I'll make sure I check with you before I head there in a few months.
      Any recommendations for the best place to... well, since it's you, any recommendations for avoiding the worse places to stay?

      Keep up the detail interest in service and weather conditions for the entire Bulgarian sea coast!
      It gives you something to do [...]

      Read the full comment with your life;)

    • AnonymousValeriThu, Mar 18 2010

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

      AnonymousCosmosThu, Mar 18 2010

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

    • Anonymous
      Mikael/Sweden Rating:
      #4 20, 14, Thu, Mar 18 2010

      So what to do in Black Sea coast now? Was not nearly the entire Black Sea coastline flooded a week ago?

    • Anonymous
      Valeri Rating:
      #3 18, 22, Thu, Mar 18 2010

      Romanians are far better tourist than the Brits.
      Better class of people that the British visitors ... as illustrated by Cosmos the Brit...

    • Anonymous
      Cosmos Rating:
      #2 16, 32, Thu, Mar 18 2010

      I wonder if they have double pricing for Romanians like they do for westerners.I hope the service is good then they may return but I doubt it. But if food is short there is plenty of stray dogs about.

    • Anonymous
      gator Rating:
      #1 12, 37, Thu, Mar 18 2010

      Maybe if everyone in the tourist business get's a dictionary and looks up the word :"service" the tourists might even come back a second time.

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