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John Paul II: commemorations in troubled times

Author: Christian Pollok - Krakow Post Date: Wed, Apr 07 2010 2 Comments, 1514 Views
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In what has already turned into a national "tradition", thousands of people throughout Poland honored former Pope John Paul II in commemoration ceremonies on Good Friday.

Along with the Good Friday festivities, such as the "Way of the Cross" procession in Warsaw, candlelit commemorations took place from Wadowice, John Paul´s birthplace, to Krakow, where he once served as Archbishop.

During a speech, current office-bearer Stanislaw Dziwisz stressed the emotional symbolism of the coinciding of John Paul´s death and the re-enactments of Christ´s resurrection. With his commitments during WWII and against the Communist regime, his dedication for a smooth transition and his overall dialogue with society, John Paul II became the moral leader of Poland.

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    • Anonymous
      svinko Rating:
      #2 00, 56, Thu, Apr 08 2010

      the poles can look forward to the polish priest abuse scandal when it breaks.

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      Десен Rating: 1441
      #1 11, 39, Wed, Apr 07 2010

      "Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought."

      Pope John Paul II

      Не цъфтиш ли като цвете, гниеш като бурен.

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