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Sex services, illegal cigarette trade targeted in Bulgarian anti-crime operation

Author: Clive Leviev-Sawyer Date: Sat, May 15 2010 1 Comment, 6220 Views
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Four people were arrested in a special police operation targeted against night clubs offering sexual services, Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry said on May 15 2010.
Those arrested allegedly were pimps and madams, Bulgarian National Television said.
The operation was codenamed Pimps, and involved searches by teams from the Chief Directorate against Organised Crime, who confiscated lists of women’s names and addresses as well as cash and illegal drugs.
The operation was said by the Interior Ministry to be a follow-up to Operation Octopus, specifically to deal with links between organised crime and the supply of sex services.
The nightclubs that were checked allegedly are under the protection of the "octopus" that Bulgaria’s Government says has built widespread influence throughout all areas of the country’s economy since the collapse of communism.
During the first part of Operation Octopus, investigated questioned masseuses and bodyguards to establish the workings of the sex service network.
On May 15, other operations followed, one codenamed Cigarettes – carried out in Sofia and Blagoevgrad – against illicit trade in cigarettes, while the other, codenamed Carelessness, was against illegally stored caches of weapons.

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    Orospuluk Rating:
    #1 15, 25, Sat, May 15 2010

    The Bulgarian ministry of foreign affairs has been "offering sexual services" for years.

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