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Bulgarian resorts more popular than Rio De Janeiro or Sydney – Daily Mail

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Thu, Jul 29 2010 12 Comments, 4263 Views
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Bulgaria's stretch of the Black Sea is becoming a hot favourite among British tourists – in fact according to one poll it has become the destination of choice this summer. That is not necessarily because service is particularly spectacular, or even because of the beauty of the coastline. Rather, it would seem from the survey that cost is the crucial factor.

The survey, conducted by YouGov and the Centre for Economics and Business Research on behalf of online shopping site Kelkoo, selected Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast as the most popular place with UK tourists while at the same time giving a negative overview on previously celebrated locations such as the beaches around Sydney, which falls over the line in a surprising 20th place, or traditional hot spots like Brazil, the UK Daily Mail reported on July 29 2010.

Affordability is revealed as the key issue when it comes to booking a beach break and 85 per cent of British holidaymakers surveyed said that price was their top concern, followed by security (81 per cent), weather (78 per cent) and good food (77 per cent), which is why top destinations like Australia's Bondi Beach are losing ground.

"In the current climate, British holidaymakers seem to be more cost-conscious than ever," says Bruce Fair of Kelkoo UK. "Criteria that matter most seem to be value for money and affordability."

Elsewhere in the poll, one of England's best destinations, Cornwall, declined to a disappointing 14th place, the report said.

"We’re all going on a summer holiday - to sunny Bulgaria. Or possibly to Tunisia. But we definitely aren’t going to Brazil. And we certainly won’t be visiting Australia," the Daily Mail reported.

Rio De Janeiro's Copacabana and Ipanema, have sank to 19th place – long haul flights, ticket prices and other expenses listed as their biggest disadvantages.

Tunisia, however, has become an unexpected hit, "coming in second behind Bulgaria – with Turkey a rather more predictable presence in third",  the report said.

  • ‘VIP beaches’?
    • Anonymous neutral
      #12 11, 04, Thu, Aug 05 2010

      one of the reasons why bg is popular? is because there is no euro!When some blind bulgarian politician thinks he can get some brownie points for himself and lets the euro in it will be a different story! immave!please

    • Anonymous
      Vic S Rating:
      #11 19, 26, Fri, Jul 30 2010

      This is fantastic news for Bg, country really deserves a fair chance.

      Lets hope the Bulgarian Tourist Board uses a little common sense, this is an opportunity of a lifetime to change thousands of peoples life style for the better.

      Remember, winners make it happen
      losers let it happen.

    • Anonymous
      vv Rating:
      #10 03, 51, Fri, Jul 30 2010

      cheap alcohol tourism may not be very sophisticated, but hey brings in lots and lots of money!

    • Anonymous
      Dailyhell Rating:
      #9 02, 08, Fri, Jul 30 2010

      What a stupid comparison from a nasty anglo tabloid...The airfare alone,obviously due to the distance, to Rio or Sydney is more than a holiday in BG.
      Why all the nasty comments about BG holidays? It is much nicer and more civilised than the "cheap" Turkey resorts where rip-off tricks like the 10 TRL peanuts with your beer appear even though you don't want them or the 15TRL slices of watermelon "additions" or randy teenage viallage boys stare at women

    • Anonymous
      T'anas... Rating:
      #8 01, 02, Fri, Jul 30 2010

      "Just think what they could do if they employed good staff..."

      good stuff is there but doesn't work for 2-300$ a month... therefore you gat what you paid for.

      It is cheap, as simple as that, food is good and fresh at the right places. and... it is beautiful place.

    • Anonymous
      Cosmos Rating:
      #7 00, 07, Fri, Jul 30 2010

      Lets hope that all tourists that visit Bulgaria go home with positive feedback.Good service good food and a fantasic holiday.

      The brits are coming.

    • Anonymous neutral
      #6 22, 55, Thu, Jul 29 2010

      Well, Bulgaria is a beautiful country. I'd hate to see it become too much of a tourist trap and the economy rely too much on tourism. The people here are friendly (despite what critics may say) and the food is excellent. So are the alcoholic beverages, mastika, rakia, bira. :) The physical beauty and its ancient history are what make it special for me. While Australia is also a beautiful country, it is just so far and extremely expensive. I can see why a vacation a bit closer to home is going to rank higher on peoples travel destinations. [...]

      Read the full comment

    • Anonymous
      valev Rating:
      #5 21, 47, Thu, Jul 29 2010

      I read this in the Metro and could not believe it at first ,but all makes good sense ...

      Only my fellow Bulgarians , try to be good at whatever you are doing and do good things !!

    • Anonymous
      Jerry Kuhaida Rating:
      #4 20, 37, Thu, Jul 29 2010

      I agree with Robert's comment. This is the opportunty to show Bulgaria to the world. Make sure you use this for marketing Bulgaria, it's worth a million euros.

      From: American

    • Anonymous
      Cosmos Rating:
      #3 20, 36, Thu, Jul 29 2010

      Give good service with a fair price and it will become the second British Spain.Well done to Bulgaria keep up the good work.

    • Anonymousrpzx10@aol.comThu, Jul 29 2010

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

    • Anonymous
      robert Rating:
      #1 20, 14, Thu, Jul 29 2010

      just think what they could do if they employed good staff and madegood food ?????????????

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