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Nine arrested in Varna for ‘soliciting’ women to be prostitutes

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Sun, Aug 29 2010 5 Comments, 4881 Views
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Nine men, most of whom have police records, were arrested in a special operation against an organised crime group that allegedly was trafficking women for sexual exploitation and soliciting women to be prostitutes, according to an August 29 2010 media statement by Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry.
The operation, in the country’s largest Black Sea city of Varna, was carried out by the specialist unit against organised crime and supervised by the district prosecutor’s office, the statement said.
Homes and cars owned by members of the gang were searched as were restaurants in Golden Sands resort.
Items confiscated included several mobile phones, SIM cards and large sums of local and foreign currency.
Twenty-two women who "worked" for the gang, as the statement put it, were being questioned. The investigation and operation were continuing, the statement said.
Under Bulgarian law, sex work – as a prostitute – is neither legal nor illegal, but pimping is against the law.

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    • Anonymous
      Anon Rating:
      #5 12, 25, Sun, Sep 12 2010

      @Carmel: it isn't illegal in the UK, Ireland or America either. You can't prevent someone doing what they want with their own body, especially when it pays so much better than other jobs.

    • Anonymous
      Valeri Rating:
      #4 20, 49, Mon, Aug 30 2010

      Love it - neither legal or illegal... 100% Balkan vintage!
      I hope we never change...

    • AnonymousSImeonchoMon, Aug 30 2010

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

    • Anonymous
      jed Rating:
      #2 15, 11, Mon, Aug 30 2010

      There is nothing wrong with prostitution per se.

      It is always the pimps, i.e. the exploiters, manipulators and abusers (typically men, unfortunately), who are the problem.

    • Anonymous
      Carmel Rating:
      #1 18, 17, Sun, Aug 29 2010

      Why isn't prostitution illegal? It might help to deter people from entering into the industry.

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