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Blog: Poking Camilla

Author: Gabriel Hershman Date: Sun, Dec 12 2010 6 Comments, 7953 Views
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Suicide bombers kill 50 in Baghdad, north and south Korea could be on the brink of war, the Euro could soon crash –  sending the whole European project into terminal meltdown. And Prince Charles and Camilla had a traumatic encounter on the way to a royal engagement.

Many people become a bit more conservative as they age – and I don't claim to be an exception – but the strange veneration of the royal family, combined with the shock and horror every time they are exposed to the casual hooliganism of everyday life, continues to baffle me. It's not that republicanism is THE make or break issue for the UK but the over-sensitivity with which people react to a relatively minor incident is unintentionally funny.

I've never bought into the royal family and I don't think it's a litmus test for one's general political beliefs. Hereditary privilege seems an anachronism in any country striving to become a genuine meritocracy.

What makes people republicans is the ridiculously inflated indignation with which commentators huff and puff when mere mortals cross paths with royalty. Almost at once the core issue on December 10 was no longer the merits or otherwise of tuition fees, the injuries sustained by protesters and police alike, the desecration of the Cenotaph or even the fact that someone urinated over Churchill's statue. The enduring image became that of Camilla recoiling in horror as rioters approached the car window.

Veneration of the royals is an example of the snobbery that should be obsolete in modern Britain. I have a feeling that the servility the Windsors engender also plays a part in the general yobbish behaviour that mars the UK. I've never understood how people can keep a straight face when they go to Buckingham Palace to be bestowed with a title alluding to an empire that no longer exists. How can people go through the rest of their days with the title "sir" or "dame" before their name?

When I was a child I'll never forget an American tourist asking my mother, a tour guide, "does the Queen ever go to the bathroom?"  What a stupid question!  Of course she doesn't! Whenever the need arises, angels descend from heaven and remove any "waste" using golden tubes bearing the royal crest. 

Let's face it, most people are completely out of touch with how the royal family live. And never the twain shall meet.

Now did that stick make contact? Did it actually poke her royal highness? If it touched Camilla's clothes they must be removed at once and thoroughly disinfected to remove the stench of the common folk that now contaminates them. 


    Profile previewnos_vadum_victumMon, Sep 05 2011

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  • Anonymous
    len.w.langan Rating:
    #5 21, 06, Mon, Dec 13 2010

    There is nothing wrong with tradition or in society honouring its worthies under Monarch or President. Nations rough edge sweeps away such things at its peril. Your negative ramblings are meaningless and socially destructive. Strongly growing sections of our increasingly Godless and anti this and anti that, are slowly destroying the struvture of civilisation without offering anything to replace that which they seek to destroy. Your brainless reasoning is empty. You seemingly seek an ideal equal society contary to the seemingly ranbdom laws of nature. Youi are more liklely to meet God than level society if you live for a [...]

    Read the full comment thousand years. Sorry you feel so inferior to peple who do not feel superior to you in anyway. They are in fact far worthier to wear their corowns than you are to your petty pointless attacks upon them. Get a life mate, is a term one hates, but it speaks volumes to you.

  • Anonymous
    Epaminondas Rating:
    #4 18, 32, Mon, Dec 13 2010

    Not for the first time, I think Gabriel is entirely right !

  • Anonymous
    coolcol steele Rating:
    #3 05, 44, Mon, Dec 13 2010

    Makes you think that camilla must be mightly pleased that her time is in the start of the 21st century and not at the end of the 18th century in France. Then again ... that just might be where her mind is these days!! SO OUT OF DATE - AND NOT RELEVANT TO THE 21ST CENTURY AT ALL!!!

  • Anonymous
    Lee Maunder Rating:
    #2 18, 26, Sun, Dec 12 2010

    Gabriel, you have it wrong. Firstly, your term 'casual hooliganism' is hardly appropriate for a mob handed attack by anarchists intent on physical violence, driven by a hatred for the establishment. Secondly, the unwritten irony is that the anger, bitterness, jealously (whatever you want to call it) stems from 10 years of corruption and financial mismanagement by the UK's previous administration, namely Blair and Brown who have walked quietly away to count their millions. The greatest irony is that our current government have been left holding the baby, just as we see in the US and yet throughout numerous changes [...]

    Read the full comment in administration, changes in UK law, it's type of democracy, hero's and zero's, Prince Charles has been the pinnacle of professionalism throughout. Charles attends on average 280 engagements per year, is the founder of many charities and fund raising events dedicated to providing support, stimulation and skills to young, disadvantaged teenagers (his attackers) and is recognised in the UK as a man of intellect, utterly scrupulous principles and honesty. A better ambassador for the UK and what it is to be British has not been available for many decades and while Bulgaria is enjoying it's first real taste of democracy for some time, rest assured you will be left wanting... and it certainly has nothing to do with snobbery.

  • Anonymous
    VLADISLOV Rating:
    #1 16, 45, Sun, Dec 12 2010

    Mrs. Parker Bowles is no really worth worrying about. The UK is the Queen's nation and her subjects should offer due allegiance. Bulgaria might get along better if it had a hereditary monarch rather than a president elected at the whims o the populace. Then the President and the PM would not be quibbling!

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