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Celtic Glasgow lodges formal complaint to Fifa against CSKA Sofia

Author: Nick Iliev Date: Tue, Feb 15 2011 4385 Views
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Scottish side Celtic Glasgow have turned the pressure valve on CSKA Sofia regarding unpaid transfer fees for Cillian Sheridan, international media reported.

This is the latest blow to the Reds, as the club still owns money to a number of Bulgarian clubs, including 420 000 leva to Sliven.

Celtic sold Sheridan to CSKA Sofia in August 2010 but allege that they are still owed 275 000 pounds sterling, which the Bulgarian team appears to be unable to pay. As a consequence, Celtic have now made an official complaint to Fifa, demanding assistance from the football governing body.

Meanwhile, Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) vice president Atanas Fournadjiev said that the union has the authority to stop CSKA from participating in competitions if they did not resolve their financial crisis.

But CSKA Sofia president Dimitar Borissov said that Uefa have given the club "until the end of March, which is why I am not worried".

Fournadjiev, however, is not persuaded that the Reds are grasping the gravity of the situation.

"The March deadline imposed by Uefa is in regard for the club to obtain a licence for next season. However, the February 14 deadline imposed by the BFU is very much valid, as the club has outstanding debts here in Bulgaria," he told Bulgaria's Dnevnik daily.

The deadline was February 14, and according to reports, CSKA Sofia have failed to cover their debts to Sliven and Chernomorets.

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