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Bulgaria moves embassy from Tokyo to Fukuoka

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Tue, Mar 22 2011 2584 Views
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The Bulgarian Embassy in Japan will be relocated temporarily from Tokyo to the city of Fukuoka, about 1000km south of the capital, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Vessela Cherneva told Bulgarian media on March 21 2011.

The decision to relocate the embassy staff came in the wake of the Fukushima nuke disaster which unfolded after the March 11 quake and subsequent tsunami. The Bulgarian embassy staff was deemed to have been exposed to "unnecessary risks because of the fallout".

Fukuoka is the capital city of Fukuoka prefecture and lies on the northern shore of the island of Kyushu in Japan. It is the most populous city in Kyushu, followed by Kitakyushu. It is the largest city and metropolitan area west of Keihanshin.

Last week, Bulgarian media reported that the serving consul to Japan, Chavdar Gradinarski, had fled the country, abandoning his post, only two days after the quake struck.

The Foreign Ministry has since been in contact with Gradinarski and his "fate" is due to be decided by a disciplinary commission this week.

Meanwhile, the embassy staff will remain at Fukuoka until the situation in Tokyo normalises, the report said. The Consular Office, however, will remain in Tokyo to assist Bulgarian citizens still in the country.

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