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Raiffeisen Bank vault looted in Sofia

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Wed, May 25 2011 2 Comments, 2514 Views
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Sofia witnessed a second robbery this month, this time at a Raiffeisen Bank vault which occurred overnight on May 24 in the western borough of Lyulin Six, the Interior Ministry said in a media statement.

In total, 38 safety boxes were smashed and stolen, the report said. A call to police was received at 8.20am, but for the moment the police cannot place the exact time of the robbery because the investigation continues and the entire perimetre has been cordoned off, the report said.

According to the report, the steel door leading to the vault was breached, and the robbery was discovered by bank employees in the morning.

This is the second robbery in May, the first being at Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev Blvd near Sofia High School of Engineering and Geodesy, which was looted at 2am on May 2.

In the first case, the attackers were two men posing as customers wanting to deposit money. They assaulted and overwhelmed the security guards, beating them and tying them up.

The amount stolen is still unclear, the report said. It is understood that the vault's standard practice was to offer round-the-clock access to clients.

  • Anonymous
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    #2 18, 23, Wed, May 25 2011

    What is your problem here. In Holland we get robbed every day by our "government" and nobody does something!!!!!

  • Anonymous
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    #1 14, 30, Wed, May 25 2011

    For a vault to be robbed by outsiders some rats in the bank may have given out some informations.I hope people will not put the blame on gypsies this time. Bulgarians are very quick to saying gypsies are thieves when some Bulgarians themselves are expert when it come to robbing a bank.Sometime in 2010 a Bulgarian was trapped and caught in a Greek bank after he he has succeeded in looting the vaults, thank God he was caught. Nobody cares any more if James Bonds are the only thing Bulgaria can produce. I'm happy for the fact that gypsies don't [...]

    Read the full comment rob banks. I love everything God has created including gipsies and blacks.

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