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Author: Ina Ignatova Date: Fri, Jun 17 2011 2328 Views
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Lora from Morning till Evening* is an urban adventure comedy that takes you into the crazy story of sexy Lora and her friends. You will learn about the secrets of two sets of magical silver dice and, hopefully, appreciate the fresh humour and dynamics of the film.

The movie is based on a novel published in 2004 written by Dimitar Kotsev-Shosho. The book will now be republished to coincide with the screening.

The main role is played by Milenita, a Cuban-born indie Bulgarian singer who became popular with her album Gato (2011). This is the singer's debut in a leading role and her naturalistic acting style looks set to win plaudits. The other main role is taken by rising stage star Dimo Aleksiev who made waves with his performance as Caligula in Yavor Gardev’s production.

"The happiest month in my life was when I was playing Lora," Milenita told The Sofia Echo.

A friendly enterprise
The film is unique in that everyone involved was unpaid. Kotsev-Shosho said that that the film was an experiment and that he hoped that box office receipts would compensate for the investment. It is an unprecedented venture, a low-budget enterprise – the total cost of filming was just 10 000 leva – but one full of fun and enthusiasm. Not only did all the cast work for free, they also helped out in every other way they could.

"That's the only way to see how many friends want to help you in your work," the director says, noting that a Canon 7D non-professional camera was used in filming.

Private media channel bTV joined the project at a later stage but only as a media partner and (partial) financial sponsor.

"I think young people will enjoy it greatly. It’s a funny film," the director said. "Sofia is the other character in the film; you will recognise emblematic streets, parks, landmarks and popular nightclubs," Kotsev says.

Lora from Morning till Evening depicts Sofia through the eyes of young people and, hopefully, its enthusiasm and drive will prove infectious and keep you entertained throughout its 95 minutes.

*Subtitles are in English.

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