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Hotels in Bulgaria project surge in Russian tourist arrivals at Balchik airport

Author: Date: Mon, Aug 08 2011 3085 Views
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Hotels in Bulgaria projected a growth of at least 50 per cent in the number of Russian tourists to the country after the conversion of the former military airfield in Balchik into a civilian airport, Dimitar Dimitrov, head of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association for northeastern Bulgaria, told Dnevnik.

According to Dimitrov, the airport, located on the northern Black Sea coast, will serve low-cost airlines, which will provide for a significant reduction in the cost of summer holidays in Bulgaria for Russians.

The launch of the airport in Balchik would also lessen the traffic pressure at the airfield in Varna and also facilitate tourists at the northern sea coast, he said.

Besides, owners of golf courses in the region have been complaining for several years that players, mostly from Romania, land their private airplanes at the airport in Varna, while the airfield in Balchik, in the immediate proximity of the courses, was unused.

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