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Author: Alexey Bondarev Date: Fri, Aug 19 2011 1777 Views
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Everyone knows that Facebook – the world’s most popular social network – is inconvenient and messy. It’s hard to imagine anything else that could be attractive to 700 million users while being so ugly.

Social networks are the main trend of the web now, and there is no better social network than Facebook. But some tech junkies think there soon will be.

Some experts have declared Google+, the new social networking site launched by the Internet giant in June, as the start of a revolution. It has a clean design and unique features. With 20 million users signed up after just two weeks, could Facebook be in trouble?

No. Google+ is the perfect social network for geeks. And that’s it. Ordinary people will stick to Facebook until the trend changes and something new emerges. Here is why.
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