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Racism by England fans

Author: Marc Ewen Date: Fri, Sep 09 2011 1126 Views
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I am disappointed to read that the English FA is to lodge a complaint against the Bulgarian fans' racist chants.  You may ask yourself why?

Quite simply, the "monkey chants" by a minority of Bulgarians were ugly and have no place in football, whatsoever.

But as an Englishman living in Sofia, sitting in the "English lions' den", I was mortified and disgusted at the clearly racist and fascist chants and comments hurled in full volume at the Bulgarian fans throughout the match. These included "gypos" (gypsies), "paki bastards"  (reference to Pakistani nationals) and had absolutely no connection with Bulgarian culture or heritage. Also very ugly comments about Bulgaria being a third world country, "everybody ***** in a bucket" and "Sofia is a ****hole full of gypsies".

As I'm confident you will agree these comments are clearly racist and fascist. 

I do not understand why the Bulgarian media or FA have not thought it a good idea to make a complaint against the English fans. Is this perhaps because very few people actually understand the comments and language used?

I was in the England section with my Bulgarian partner and it was frequently scary to be listening to this racism. Yes, I am English and proud but I could never be proud of such an ill-educated, disillusioned and primarily racist minority of fans.

I will write to the Daily Telegraph and put the record straight as I am very protective of Bulgaria's reputation and the truth should always be open and forthcoming.

I urge the Bulgarian FA to make an official complaint against the English fans, and do something positive to redress the balance and show the true full picture of a minority of drunk, foul-mouthed racist and fascist fans.

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,
Marc Ewen

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