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EU residents took a billion holiday trips in 2010, Eurostat says

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Tue, Sep 27 2011 1 Comment, 4674 Views
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In 2010, residents of the 27 member countries of the European Union made about a billion holiday trips, according to figures released by EU statistics office Eurostat to make European Tourism Day on September 27.

Of these trips, about 75 per cent were within the country where people were living, and the rest outbound trips, Eurostat said.

Most domestic holiday trips were short, lasting about one to three nights, while outbound trips were more often longer, of four nights and more, a statement said.

In total, half of all holiday trips made by residents of the EU27 in 2010 were short domestic trips, while long domestic trips accounted for about a quarter.

Almost a fifth of all holiday trips were long trips abroad, and five per cent short trips abroad.

The countries where people were most likely to holiday without leaving their borders were Romania, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece. In these four countries, the shares of domestic trips ranged from 94 to 91 per cent.

In all EU member states, according to Eurostat, there was a higher share of short domestic trips than long trips, except for Greece.

The highest proportions of short domestic trips were made by residents of Latvia (73 [er cent), Finland (70 per cent), Denmark (67 per cent), Spain (65 per cent), Bulgaria andPortugal (both 64 per cent), while the highest shares of long domestic trips were recorded in Greece (47 per cent), France (39 per cent), Italy and Poland (both 35 per cent) andRomania (34 per cent).

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