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Bulgarian Football Union to appeal Uefa racism fine

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Mon, Nov 21 2011 3 Comments, 2723 Views
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Bulgaria's football authorities plan to appeal the 40 000 euro fine levied by Uefa's disciplinary body for incidents at the Euro 2012 qualifying match in Sofia on September 2.

Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) faced charges of "discriminatory behaviour relating to chanting by home supporters" and "setting-off and throwing of fireworks", according to the Uefa statement.

In a statement on its website, BFU said: "Contrary to reports in Bulgarian media that claimed that the fine is for racist incidents during the Bulgaria vs England game on September 2, the reasons for the decision have not yet been made public."

BFU said that it expected the reasoned decision from Uefa during the final week of November, which would spell out the extent of the fines under the two separate charges of racist chanting and fireworks being thrown on the pitch.

"In addition to appealing the decision, BFU president Borislav Mihailov, who is a member of Uefa's executive committee, will travel personally to Nyon [...] and use the opportunity to clarify the circumstances of Uefa's disciplinary commission," BFU said in its statement.

In the aftermath of the match, which England won handily 3-0, British media have accused Bulgarian fans of chanting racist slogans, a charge that the BFU has steadily denied.

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    stevo87 Rating: 5
    #3 11, 28, Tue, Nov 22 2011

    These so-called "anti-racists" are anti-white.They demand mass immigration and "assimilation" for all white countries and ONLY white countries.

    It is genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

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    nicads Rating: 8
    #2 11, 02, Tue, Nov 22 2011

    Totally agree with the comment by Robert......this anti racist thing seems to have taken on a rather ugly life of its own!!!

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    Robert Rating: 8
    #1 16, 37, Mon, Nov 21 2011

    If a fan tells a ref he is blind and needs glasses, is that racism? What about telling him he has a shiny head due to the lack of hair, so what if you sing chants against someone for the colour of their skin, or their ethnic origin shouldn't be treated any different. I'm sick and tired of this world employing political rules rather than common sense or moral correctness.

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