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Bulgaria delays tender for fourth mobile carrier

Author: Date: Sun, Nov 27 2011 1538 Views
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Bulgaria's telecom regulator CRC has cancelled a procedure to grant a licence for operating a mobile network using a 2 Ghz frequency.

The watchdog had agreed to award a permit for two vacant frequencies in the 15 MHz range which in theory could be used to build a fourth mobile operator under the UMTS technology.

The delay was prompted by the lack of candidates for the tender, which was announced on September 27. Prospective bidders were expected to submit applications until October 14 and pay a participation deposit of two million leva until November 14.

The tender, which could have facilitated the launch of a fourth mobile operator in the country, followed a request in early July by local company 4G COM for a 3G licence. The tender itself was scheduled for December 7.

As many as six companies had bought tender documents worth 4000 euro, namely the country's three mobile operators Mobiltel, Globul and Vivatel, Internet and cable TV operator Blizoo, 4G COM and Traxcom. The companies eventually decided not to take part in the tender as they were dissatisfied with the proposed conditions.

A UMTS licence in the 2 GHz frequency range provides for building a 3G mobile network chiefly for using broadband internet and also for voice data.

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