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Greek-Jewish group demands UN recognise Bulgaria's role in slaughter

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Tue, Jan 31 2012 1 Comment, 1678 Views
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A Greek-Jewish umbrella group has requested that the United Nations note Bulgaria's role in slaughtering Greek Jews while also commemorating the country's rescue of its own Bulgarian Jews during World War 2. 

"Bulgarians saved their country’s Jews in exchange for the Jews of the other territories under their control," said a letter sent on January 26 from the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece to the U.N. Department of Public Information/Non-Governmental Organisations. "In the name of the historical memory of our brothers, victims of the Bulgarian atrocities in our country during the Holocaust, we ask you to include this small and 'untold' part of history in your briefing."

Bulgarian occupiers of northeastern Greece handed over about 4000 Greek Jews to the Nazis for extermination.

The Bulgarian government of the time, under the leadership of King Boris, did not send any of its Jewish population to the death camps.

The Sofia Echo has covered Bulgaria's role in the Holocaust, both the good and the bad, in this interview with Professor Ed Gaffney who made a marvellous film on the subject

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    resident_greek Rating: 8
    #1 19, 54, Tue, Jan 31 2012

    To be historically accurate this was not directed specifically to Greek Jews but it was part of a more general ethnic cleansing which took place in Greek Macedonia as part of the Great Bulgaria plan. 7000 Greeks were only slaughtered in the city of Drama as well as in many other places of North Greece. Greek Jews were just some more Greeks to be spared in the eyes of the Bulgarians at that time.

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