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Man on a Ledge

Author: André Crous, The Prague Post Date: Fri, Feb 17 2012 3154 Views
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It sounds interesting enough: A man named Nick Cassidy checks into a hotel early in the morning, orders breakfast, jots down his thoughts on a piece of paper, opens the window and climbs out onto the ledge, presumably to jump to his death.

But Nick doesn't seem to be troubled in the least about his predicament, and it takes only a few moments before we realise something is up.

This "something" is the major plot hole that is the plot of Man on a Ledge. While Nick is on the precipice between life and death, already 21 stories closer to his maker, his brother - who, as far as we can tell, has never committed a crime before - is staging the robbery of the century inside a major jewellery firm, complete with bombs, fancy drills, liquid nitrogen and tricks straight out of the Mission: Impossible playbook. This firm is located just a stone's throw from where Nick is hanging out.

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