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Bulgaria acts against 22 traffic police for alleged corruption

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Fri, Feb 17 2012 1 Comment, 2017 Views
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Charges have been laid against 10 traffic police, and will be laid against a further 12, for soliciting sums of money in a racketeering scheme against motorists on Bulgaria’s national roads, Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said on February 17 2012.
The 10 traffic police against whom charges had been laid already had been dismissed from duty, he said. The court had set bail of 5000 leva (about 2500 euro) each.
Tsvetanov said that the traffic police had asked motorists, including foreigners, for sums ranging from 20 to 300 leva, or other sums in foreign currencies.
According to local news agency Focus, he said that no further details would be disclosed until charges had been laid against the remaining 12 traffic police.

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      hueyis Rating: 8
      #1 21, 07, Sun, Feb 19 2012

      I am American, my wife Bulgarian, within the first 3 months of driving here, I was stopped for using cell phone while driving, the officer wanted 10. leva un-documented or he would write me up, I said write it up. After a few minutes, he returned with my papers and said his docket was filled up. Later my wife was with me, when I had failed to turn my lights on, after a brief conversation between one of two officers, she handed one 2-20.00 leva bills, the officer returned my papers and driving licenses. On January 1, 2011 I was [...]

      Read the full comment pulled over for no reason. The officer could not find anything wrong, so I did not have to donate....
      After my first encounter, my wife told me that was the way it was done here, I said I will leave the country before I donate to bribery....

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