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Sofia switches off central heating as temperatures warm

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Mon, Apr 23 2012 1907 Views
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Heating utility Toplofikatsiya Sofia began switching off central heating in Bulgaria’s capital city on April 23 2012 as the weather warmed up.
For the heating season to end, average daily temperatures must be above 12 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days, and the long-term weather forecast must be for higher temperatures.
As is standard practice, heating in residential and public buildings will be cut off first, and in kindergartens and schools later.
The company said that heating in buildings could be left on if there was a request to do so, supported by a majority of members of the building’s residents’ association.
This year, the heating season in Sofia was five days longer than in 2011.
With warmer weather, Plovdiv and other towns including Vratsa and Pleven already had shut down their central heating, Bulgarian National Television said.

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