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Keeping sport clean needs enhanced policing and prevention, Interpol chief says

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Thu, Apr 26 2012 4 Comments, 7874 Views
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Sports integrity efforts require all stakeholders to enhance anti-corruption policing and prevention against match-fixing and illegal betting, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said at a summit in Istanbul on April 25 2012.

Speaking at the inaugural International Herald Tribune (IHT) Sports Business Summit being held on April 25 and 26 to about 200 senior officials from sports, government, business and the media, Noble said that the global sports community and its partners across the private and public sectors must develop a comprehensive sports integrity infrastructure which embraces law enforcement and prevention training.

"As corruption in sports has become a global concern, our response must also be global and holistic. We need to bring together all stakeholders to develop a proactive and sustainable approach to fight this scourge," he said.

"Co-operation and synergy between the police, sports organisations, regulatory agencies and the community in general is vital if we want to prevent sport from losing its true meaning and value," Noble said.

"The amounts of money that can be made from foul play are vast, running into hundreds of millions of euro in any one year. The ability to launder money and make a profit in the process attracts serious and organised crime into the arena and once this money is channelled into crime groups, it can be used for various criminal activities," he said.

Noble cited how Interpol’s Operation SOGA III (June-July 2010) against illegal gambling in Asia alone had  resulted in more than 5000 arrests, $155 million of bets seized and $ 9.9 million in cash recovered from more than 854 raids.

"At a time when technology and globalisation are facilitating physical and virtual mobility as well as communications as never before, we need to ensure the key actors in sports are developing good practices not just to investigate and address suspected corruption, but to stop corrupt activities before they can even begin," Noble said.

In this respect, officials at the summit heard a key aspect of the Interpol – FIFA initiative launched in May 2011 would see  Interpol’s Training, Education and Prevention (TEP) strategy underpin its efforts to raise awareness of the problems of corruption, and how to detect and counter it, an Interpol media statement said.

Interpol entered into a 10-year initiative with FIFA to develop and implement a global training, education and prevention programme with a focus on regular and irregular betting as well as match-fixing.

To achieve this goal, Interpol launched a dedicated Integrity in Sport unit to develop and implement a training programme within the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation which will open in Singapore in 2014.

In the framework of this initiative, the media statement said, Interpol will be conducting training workshops that bring together players, referees, regulators and law enforcement. 

Earlier in April 2012, Finland hosted the first Interpol-FIFA sports integrity pilot workshop.

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    zdg04374590 Rating: 10
    #4 12, 07, Sat, Dec 26 2015

    On a recent trip to Australia I noticed several peptide clinics had emerged. They are used heavily in sports now and it seems perfectly legal in Australia

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    zdg04374590 Rating: 10
    #3 13, 35, Wed, Mar 25 2015

    Bulgarian sport does need to be kept clean with various so called supplements kept well out. It's not just Bulgaria that has a problem, it's almost everywhere now. Things such as peptides are wrecking sport.

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    zdg04374590 Rating: 10
    #1 12, 00, Mon, Mar 02 2015

    I heard recent reports stating that many Bulgarian bodybuilders have been caught using peptides. This is not acceptable in Bulgaria as far as I know.
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