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DECLARATION by the students, occupying the Rectorate of Sofia University

Media: The Sofia Echo Date: Sat, Oct 26 2013 44 Comments,
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by the students, occupying the Rectorate of Sofia University
"St. Clement of Ohrid" the 25th of October 2013

Dear Mr. Rector dear ladies and gentlemen, professors and administrators at Alma Mater, dear colleagues - PhD-candidates and students, fellow citizens!

With full appreciation of our historical responsibility before the society of Bulgaria, fearing only fear itself, with the desire to re-establish democracy and rule of law in the Republic, foreseeing the inevitable negative effects of the continuing mandate of the XLII National Assembly of the Bulgarian Parliament, enraged by the systematic undermining of the constitutional order in the country, convinced, that the adherence to principles and transparency in the governing process is a conditio sine qua non for the existence of true order in our society, standing firmly on the side of equality before the law and versus the chaos of the partocracy and the cartels, having the paramount aim to transform Bulgaria’s governance style from one of personal gain to one of moral values, entirely convinced, that as students and citizens we have the sovereign right of legal and inspired by the democratic tradition protest action, and with the belief that the University is no less a place of values, as it is a place of study, delighted by the declared support of leading and well respected University professors and the citizens, who have been protesting now for four months, against a government in moral collapse; and believing in the righteous will for change in the civil society in Bulgaria,

we, the Students of Sofia University, establish a regimen of permanent and effective OCCUPATION of the Rectorate of this truly superior University with the following INTENT:

1. immediate dismissal of the XLII National Assembly;
2. scheduling of new parliamentary elections as soon as possible;
3. intolerance by the civil society toward the widespread criminal lawlessness in the highest levels of government;
4. transforming Bulgaria into a civilized country with a rule-of-law;
5. affirmation of justice and knowledge as high values for the society.

OCCUPATION of the Rectorate of our University is established under these CONDITIONS:

1. maintaining of complete control by the students on the building of the Rectorate;
2. discontinuation of all regular educational and most of the administrative activities in the Rectorate;
3. maintaining internal control of the order in the Rectorate with strict adherence to the principle of University autonomy, prohibiting all external interference;
4. continuation of the rules, accepted in the Declaration for the partial occupation of Auditorium 272 from October 23-25th 2013;
5. protection of the property of the University and due respect to the Rector and the University Administration; - 6. establishment of strict access control over the entrances and exits of the Rectorate building;
7. admission, under advisement by the University Administration, of a limited number of university personnel in order to maintain the limited number of activities, that would otherwise cause significant financial or scientific losses to the University, if discontinued.

This is our final vote of non-confidence to the entirely delegitimized practices in the governing of Bulgaria.

We, the students Auditorium 272, Rectorate of Sofia University, Sofia, 25th of October 2013

Read more about the occupation in Bulgarian here

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